Short Courses
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Level I Required Books

The Once and Future Goddess: A symbol for Our Time
by Elinor W. Gadon, editor

365 Goddess : A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
by Patricia Telesco

Casting the Circle: A Women's Book of Ritual
by Diane Stein

Level II Required Books

Grandmother Moon : Lunar Magic in Our Lives
by Z Budapest

Motherpeace : A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art, and Tarot
by Vicki Noble & Karen Vogel

PLEASE NOTE: These are the small cards that fit easily in your hand. Some prefer the larger deck to better view the images. You can order the larger deck directly from the manufacturer by sending $25 to P.O. Box 5544, Berkeley, CA. 94705

Level III Required Books

Shakti Woman : Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World
by Vicki Noble

And choose TWO or THREE of the following
Elective Texts for Level III

The Goddess Celebrates: An Anthology of Women's Rituals
by Diane Stein

Healing With Gemstones and Crystals (Crossing Press Healing Series)
by Diane Stein

Candle Magick: A Guide for the Novice
by J.E. Auer

American Folk Magick: Charms, Spells & Herbals
by Silver Ravenwolf

The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding
by Betty Bethards

Tarot Spells (Llewellyn's New Age Tarot Series)
by Janina Renee

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.
by Scott Cunningham