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1. What is the total cost of attending The Sisters of EarthSong School?
The total cost of tuition is $360-US (if you complete the entire 13 month course), plus fees for textbooks. You will need 3
textbooks for each of the three Levels, 9 total.

2. How often do I need to pay tuition, and how do I pay my tuition?
The monthly tuition of $30-US is due at the beginning of every 4-lesson segment. So your first $30 covers lessons 1 - 4; the second payment covers lessons 5 - 8; the third, lessons 8 -12, and so forth. If you wish, you may purchase an entire level at one time for $120-US. This covers 16 weeks of lessons. You may pay online with Paypal, or via mail with a check or money order. Students outside the USA may pay online or via International Postal Money Order in US funds.
Payment information

3. What does my tuition include?
Tuition covers online lessons & assignments, instructor evaluation & feedback, and online interaction with other students. In addition, students will receive audio-taped guided meditations through the mail free of charge. Ceremonial Cords and framable Completion Certificates are awarded to those completing each level at no extra cost.

4. How do I enroll?
First, fill out an online Application. Next, send in your first $30 tuition payment and order your textbooks. You will be able to start your first lesson online immediately after filling out the application, however your enrollment is not complete until tuition is received.

5. Where can I purchase my textbooks?
You can purchase the texts anywhere you can find them. Our
online bookstore allows you to easily purchase your texts through (no credit card is needed -- you may send them a check) or to search for used books on the web. Your local bookstores may carry these texts. If not, the texts can be ordered from any bookseller.

6. How do I receive my lessons?
You will receive your lesson urls via email. The lessons are web-based. You should receive your first lesson upon enrolling. You will receive the next lesson after the first lesson is completed.

7. Once I complete a lesson, how soon will I receive the next lesson?
Usually within 48 hours. You may request the next lesson in advance or two lessons at a time if you need one faster than that.

8. Once I complete a lesson, how soon will I receive instructor feedback?
Instructor feedback is sent out by Monday night for lessons submitted by the previous Friday night. However, your next lesson url will be quickly sent out to you, regardless of the day you submit your completed lesson. Ezevia is happy to answer any questions that need quick answers. Simply type "attention" in the subject line and send your question to

9. Will I be able to read other students' lessons?
Each week, Ezevia will ask a few students to post their lessons to the classroom discussion list for all to read. In this way, you will be able to read other students' lessons

10. Will anyone besides the instructor see my lesson responses?
Only the teaching staff (Ezevia or another High Priestess) will see your lesson unless you post it to the discussion list. Posting lessons to the group list is completely voluntary.

11. What about privacy?
Many students are concerned about protecting their public identities. We are committed to helping students keep their public identities private. While students must give a valid mailing address when they enroll, only Ezevia has access to this information. It is not shared with anyone else, including the rest of the teaching staff.

Students concerned with privacy are encouraged to use their "magical names" or nicknames in the school and to create a new email address for school purposes. We can offer other suggestions for protecting privacy as well -- just ask.

12. What interaction will I have with other students?

Discussion Lists

Participation in the classroom discussion list,
Sisters of EarthSong is required. Here, students are encouraged to share their lessons, get feedback and support from other students.

Monthly Group Rituals

Perhaps the most wonderful form of interaction we have is our monthly group distance ritual. This is an activity we each do on the same night, wherever we are, with a specific intent in mind. Participation in the monthly ritual is encouraged, but not required. Participation can be as simple as lighting a candle and meditating on the intent the scheduled night or as elaborate as a full-length intricate ritual. Details about the monthly ritual will be posted on the circle's email list.

Local Face to Face Gatherings

We hold local Face to Face Gatherings. Attendance is voluntary. Details are posted to the email list.

13. What does the curriculum consist of?
The curriculum is experiential, practice-based rather than knowledge-based. Developing a consistent daily, weekly, and monthly spiritual practice is the cornerstone of the teachings. We learn by doing, by internalizing skills and knowledge and shaping them into an individual practice compatible with our individual beliefs.

Level I is focused on creating sacred space, engaging in ritual, and learning about the history of The Goddess. Level II is focused on meditation, energy work, and divination, (especially via the Motherpeace Tarot). Level III is focused on dream work, astral work, healing and/or magick. Most of these elements are incorporated in some way into each level. Levels II and III offer the option of elective areas of study. (For example, some people will choose to follow The Path of Prayer rather than The Path of Magick.)

14. What if I have absolutely no experience in this type of spiritual work?
Then you are welcome here! You will be given the basics in Level I and allowed to progress at a comfortable speed.

15. What if I already am quite experienced in this type of spiritual work?
You are also welcome here! You will be able to take what you already know and build on that. The lessons are designed to be flexible to the student's level of experience. As long as you are willing to try new ways of doing things and to consistently apply what you know in your daily spiritual practice, you will find the school has much to offer you.

16. Is there any way to "test out" of certain material?
No, there isn't. Because the material is practice-based rather than knowledge-based, you must be willing to experience all of the lessons.

17. How can I blend this curriculum with my current spiritual practice?
In any way that suits you! The focus of the school is on The Goddess with the premise that she is harmonious with all of spirituality. If you are a Christian, chose a Christian form of The Goddess to honor (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, a female saint). Place her on your altar along with Christ. If you are Jewish, choose Lilith or Asherah. If you are Buddhist, choose Quan Yin. Simply add The Goddess to whatever part of your current spiritual practice works for you right now.

18. What if I disagree with some of the information or views in the textbooks?
While we ask that you open your mind to consider other viewpoints, ultimately it is up to you to take what you like and leave the rest. This is one of the strengths of Women's Spirituality -- You are Goddess, You are Source. Trust your inner-knowing, and find what's right for you.

19. What if I feel very uncomfortable with an assignment? Will I be required to complete it?
Again, you will be encouraged to "push the envelope" a bit on your comfort level. But if your intuition tells you something is definitely wrong for you, feel free to modify the assignment into something that is more comfortable or to request an alternative assignment.

20. Will other students harass me because of my spiritual beliefs?
Certainly not. Such harassment will not be tolerated. So far, we haven't had any problems with this whatsoever. However, if any harassment does occur, it will be immediately stopped. Our teaching staff is dedicated to making the school a safe, comfortable environment for everyone. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a thread of discussion or with a developing situation, please contact us immediately.

21. Why only focus on The Goddess? What about God/The God?
Many of our students do honor God or The God; some feel more comfortable focusing on The Goddess only. The purpose of the school is to contribute to a restoration of Spiritual Balance. Right now, the world is clearly out of balance with an over-emphasis on male-dominated spirituality. There are many more places to learn about male expressions of the Divine than there are places to learn about female expressions of the Divine. As we honor the Feminine Divine, we honor the Divine in ourselves, as women. We empower ourselves spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. This is the focus of this school.

22. Why aren't men allowed to join the school?
In focusing on female empowerment, it is necessary to limit the scope of the school. Women need women-only spaces in order to heal and grow. While we certainly hope that men will explore Goddess studies, we regret that our limited focus here cannot include them.

23. What is the required time-frame for completing this course?
The suggested completion time is 13 months for all three levels. A student needs to submit one lesson per week in order to complete the course within this time frame. Students are allowed to work more slowly, but they must submit at least one assignment per month during Level I or they will be placed on "inactive status" and eventually disenrolled. Once a student completes Level I, however, she may remain as part of the school community regardless of whether she pursues Level II studies or not.

24. What is "inactive status" and how can I avoid it?
When a student is not submitting lessons, she is inactive. When she has been inactive for 3 months, she will be disenrolled from the school.

Inactive status may be avoided under special circumstances when a student requests an extension due to a crisis of some kind, but please note that extensions will be for a definite period of time. The student must resume submitting lessons in a timely manner.

25. What is your refund policy?
When you are either voluntarily or administratively disenrolled from the school, you may request a refund on your tuition if you meet the following criteria:

1. You originally sent payment within the last 90 days.
2. You did not submit any part of any lesson in the 4-lesson block for which you are requesting a refund.
3. You have not progressed past Week 1, and you have decided to disenroll from the school.

If you are requesting a refund for a payment made by check, your refund may take 4 - 6 weeks to be processed. If you are requesting a refund for a payment made by online payment, you should received a credit within 2 - 4 weeks.

To request a refund, contact
Ezevia Rose. If you DO NOT request a refund and decide to return to the school at a later date, your previous tuition will apply to your future lessons for up to one year from the date of your last payment. If you feel the need to request a refund or a school credit under special circumstances, please do not hesitate to ask.

26. The Gadon text seems to mainly focus on Indo-European Goddesses. Do you include a multi-cultural focus?
Yes. In order to educate ourselves about World Goddess Cultures, students are required to do independent Pantheon Research of African, Asian, indigenous American, and Pacific Basin Goddesses.