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About Me
I am daughter, mother, and grandmother, a Sister of the Burning Branch.

As such I have learned to incorporate into my daily life as a teacher of young children the Sacred Feminine. Through song and chant, dance and drumming I help bring the children back to the natural rhythms of the earth. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976 I have been working with and teaching children since that time. In 2002 I completed my herbal studies in The Science and Art of Herbalism under Rosemary Gladstar and am currently a student of Herbalist Susun Weed. I take great joy in creating my own herbal healing remedies and aromatherapy blends. I consider myself Green Witch. As a tribute to the Goddess Gaia I have nurtured my ponds and gardens in which grow perennials, herbs and annuals. My gardens have been certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. I have spent the last seven years of my life as a vegan at first for personal health reasons followed by a great compassion for helping our planet to heal. I am a Wild Woman!