Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, is also known in the Roman pantheon as Luna. Usually depicted with a pale face, she wears a half-moon on her head and often carries a torch. While Selene is the Moon Goddess, she is also known as, “the moon personified into a divine being” ( It is said that after Selene’s brother, Helios, completes his journey across the sky, Selene, bathed in the Earth’s oceans, rises and completes her sky journey riding in a chariot pulled by two white horses. Revered by many, "...Selene is the fruitful mother, the Star Goddess, the Sky Goddess, the keeper of the silver wheel of stars...honored at the Full Moon and the days of the Full and New Moon were set aside for her Luna, she had temples at Rome on the Aventine and Palantine hills." (

In her aspect as one of the triple Goddesses, Selene fulfills the role of the Mother, depicted appropriately by the full moon. Generally, Artemis is seen as her Maiden aspect and Hecate the Crone. Sacred to Selene are: the colors white, silver and light gray, the scents/flowers myrtle, willow, white poppy, white rose and wall flower. Monday is generally associated with Selene as well ("moon-day"). Selene influences agriculture, anything domestic, travel, long life, medicine and visions.

Selene is know for several love affairs, the most famous of which was with Endymion, who was known (in different stories) as either a king, hunter or shepherd. At Selene's love-laden request, Zeus allowed Endymion to choose his own fate, and he chose immortality through eternal sleep. Selene bore 50 daughters by Endymion while he dreamed of embracing the Moon. According to

Selene is a favorite of many poets, especially love poets. A moonlit night brings the feeling of romance. It is said that Selene's moon rays fall upon sleeping mortals, and her kisses fell upon her love, Endymion.

Simple Ritual for Selene
by Libelleselene
Best time/place to do (if possible): under the strong light of the full Moon.

Needed: 1 silver candle, 2 white roses and a list of things for which you are grateful that are within Selene's influences (see above).

To Do: Cleanse the ritual space and set up altar with items above and any ritual tools you use. Take a ritual bath, using any rose-scented items you may have, if possible. Cast a circle in your favorite way, marking the border with the petals from one of the roses. Make yourself comfortable and invoke the presence of Selene by lighting the candle and stating:

Silken silvery rays flowing
Awaken my soul, glowing
Selene, Mother Goddess sublime
Please join me at this time

When you feel her presence, close your eyes and greet her, sharing a hug if you wish. Take a moment to reacquaint yourself. Offer her the other white rose as a gift. When you are ready, take a moment and thank Selene for her presence in your life. Now is the time to read her the list of things for which you are grateful and thank her for her influence. Take as much time as you need. Feel free to share and listen. When the meeting nears conclusion, thank Selene for joining you tonight:

Thank you for your presence
I am graced by your essence
Goddess of travel and long life
Travel back safe tonight

Ground and center; close the circle. If possible, leave the candle to burn out on its own.