Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness
Patroness of Fertility, Women, Children and Birth as well as Sea Travelers

“Any living being who calls my name or sees me will be free from all fear and danger”. ~Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin, also known as Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Kannon, Guan Yin and Kuan Shih Yin, is most popularly known as the Chinese Goddess of Compassion. Her name translates to “The One who Hears the cries of the World”. Sometimes compared to the Goddess Virgin Mary in Catholicism, Kuan Yin is revered as the “…Divine Mother we all long for: merciful, tender, compassionate, protecting, caring, healing and wise” ( Many pray to Kuan Yin in times of need, be it a need of health, protection or compassion.

Also venerated as the Patroness of Fertility, Women, Children and Birth, Kuan Yin compassionately receives and responds to prayers for protection, a blessed birth and cures for a barren womb. She additionally has been called upon to ensure a safe trip on the seas, or has been prayed to when seamen find themselves in peril.

Symbols/Associations of Kuan Yin:

• White, flowing gown/robe

• Rosary

• Weeping willow tree or branch

• Lotus flower

• Peacock

• Children
A simple way to welcome Kuan Yin into your life or space is to chant, “Om Mani Padme Hum” (which means “Hail the Jewel or earl in the Lotus). To invoke Kuan Yin’s compassion, chant “Namo, Guan, Shih Yin Pusa” (which is essentially a greeting/homage).

Prayers to Kuan Yin

(This first prayer is an adaptation of the Catholic Hail Mary, however, since the two Goddesses are often compared, it seems appropriate):

Holy Mother full of grace, power is with thee

Blessed are you, Queen of the Universe, and blessed is all of creation,

Holy Mother, Maker of all things,

Be with me now and always
Protection Prayer
by Kristyn Simmons via

Goddess, inside your Motherly arms

I seek protection from negative forces that surround me and mine

Protect my mind from hurtful thoughts and images

Protect my mouth from speaking harsh and unnecessary words

Protect my body from physical harm

Protect my home from the energy that seeks to destroy

Protect my children and guide them to be of strong heart and mind in the face of adversity

Protect my spirit and guide me this day

For my strength and power I find in you.


I call upon the Goddess Kuan Yin,

Mother of Compassion, who hears

And answers the cries of all hearts,

Who carries the pearl of illumination

And pours forth a stream of healing waters.

Bless me with your spiritual peace.

Mother of Mercy

Compassionate Lady Kuan Yin

You who hears the weeping world

And comforts its souls

Come on the dragon’s breath!

Come to answer our prayers!

Come to soothe our pain!

Jade Goddess, who never refuses a prayer,

We ask for peace,

For banishment of fear, anger and hatred.

For your love and compassion

To be poured out upon the Earth and us all.

Gracious Kuan Yin we ask for your blessing today and every day.

Goddess of compassion,

You who are all to me,

All that is,

And all that shall be.

Come, Eternal Protector!

Come as the scent of sacred Lotus,

With love and compassion,

Do be with me now, I pray!

Oh Blessed Kuan Yin.

Kuan Yin Ritual

This ritual can be used to ask for compassionate assistance with something or to thank Kuan Yin for her many blessings.


• Imagery of Kuan Yin, picture, statue, drawing, etc.

• A small silver candle

• Incense, if you like, Lotus for inner peace, outer harmony, myrrh for protection and healing, or sandalwood (all purpose)

• Lotus flower if possible, or other delicate flower such as a pink rose or petals (an offering for Kuan Yin)

• An altar to place these items on

• A cushion to sit on

To do:

Place items on the altar or table in the order/location that feels right. If you need guidance in choosing placement, try placing the picture of Kuan Yin at North, incense at east, candle at center or south, and flower(s) at West.

Light the incense and candle.

Cast a circle.

Invoke Kuan Yin using any invocation above, or simply chanting, “Om Mani Padme Hum” again and again. Focus on the candle, contemplating your reason for inviting Kuan Yin to be here with you. Are you asking for help? Are you thanking her for her blessings?

If you are asking for help, state the following (from Isis Down Under) or create your own:

Kuan Yin, I ask for your assistance,

To ______________________. (Get rid of _______. Bring to me ________. Etc. etc.)

Thank you for all of your help and love,

Today and always!

If thanking Kuan Yin state the following (from Isis Down Under) or create your own:

O compassionate one,

Lady of Wisdom,

Blessed protector of children,

Jewel in this realm,

And the next.

Hearer of prayers,

Bringer of peace and contentment.

I bow before you this day,

And give thanks for the blessings I have received,

And all those that I truly believe will follow.

Thank you for your gift of compassion,

For the comfort your very image brings,

Thank you for the difference you've made in my life,

In your presence my soul truly sings.

Take a meditation journey and meet with Kuan Yin, perhaps on a mountaintop or near the sea. Further discuss what you stated above. See if you come to a resolution for your problem, or give a gift to Kuan Yin and further thank her for her blessings and assistance. Eventually, return back to your realm, and when ready, thank Kuan Yin for her presence. If possible, leave the candle to burn down, otherwise extinguish it and close the circle.

"Mercy means that more assistance is given through love than merit earned" ~ Kuan Yin