Athena Poem

Grey-eyed one, I sing of you,
wisest and most beautiful, relentless Athena,
protector of cities, strong-armed and fair.

From his head the great god birthed you,
dressed in golden armor and bearing a sharp spear.

The holy mountains shook when you were born,
and the earth quaked, and the sea’s dark waves broke against the land.

Even the sun stopped in astonishment at this sight,
this goddess, fresh-born and strong.

Hail to you, Athena, may I never live without the shield of your Protection.

Athena Symbols

Athena is most vividly symbolized by the snake. The snake symbolizes protection, rebirth. The statue of the goddess standing by her snake would be a powerful message of protective strength and hope. Armor and weapons are also Athena’s symbols, wearing a helmet and carrying a shield or spear. An owl sits on the goddess’s shoulder. The owl’s wisdom is needed to keep Athena’s strong power in check. She also protects textile production, an important part of each homes economy.

Additional symbols are as follows:

Animals- ram, owl, eagle, tiger, leopard.
Plants- geranium, tiger lilly, olive tree, citrus tree.
Perfumes & scents- patchouli, dragons blood, musk,
cinnamon, cedar wood, orange blossom.
Gems & Metals- onyx, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, gold, lapis, ivory.
Colors- gold, yellow, orange, green, royal blue.

Calling on Athena

Call on Athena for spells involving business, justice, war, courage, wisdom, creativity and protection.

A protective prayer for soldiers and those going into battle.

"Battle Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Ones-Ares, Eris, Athena, Mars, and Sun. Grant your protection as I go into the danger of battle zones. Grant me your agility and your speed with sharpest skills, please guide and lead. Watch over me as I bravely fight and guard me with your power and might. Oh Ancient Warriors, hear my Plea! Unsheathe your swords and protect me!"

When you must make a decision, but aren’t sure that all the facts are on the table.


"Athena, Goddess of Great Insight, Wisest One, take owl-like flight. Come to me-stay at my side and let your wisdom be my guide. Show me what I need to see, so I can solve efficiently these problems. Lend your expertise and grant your wisdom unto me."

I often call on Athena when I feel both physically and emotionally weak. I have called on her when feeling afraid and need to be brave. When I first started with my Goddess classes I wondered who my Goddess was. But all a long I always seem to come across the Goddess Athena. After all this time I just realized she was saying open your eyes I Am right here!!!

When I call to Athena I keep it simple:

"Athena be with me and keep me strong, send to me your strength and courage all day long."

So Mote It Be!!!

Sources :

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The Goddess Path, Patricia Monaghan