The goddess of passion, sexuality, pleasure, beauty, love and romance.

By the Greeks she is known as Aphrodite. By the Romans she is known as Venus

Aphrodite is the goddess of partnership or loving parents or siblings. She rules physical attraction. She can be found in the fragrance of a summer rose as much as in the curving bodies of entwined lovers. She is a mythic symbol of all that binds us together with each other our world and the cosmos.

Aphrodite born on the sea foam, impregnated by heaven, she floated ashore on the island of Greece. Where she was greeted by the lovely maidens called the Graces, who dressed the goddess in silken garments worthy of her beauty. she married Hephaestus, the crippled God of smith craft, but she could not be contained to a single relationship. the most famous of Aphrodite's affairs were those with Ares and the young Adonis. It was said she fell in love with Adonis and hid him in a chest that she gave for safe keeping to the underworld queen Persephone. But Persephone looked inside the chest and refused to give him back. King Zeus ruled that Adonis would live one-third of each year by himself, one-third with Persephone and the remaining one third with Aphrodite. Each year he was killed while hunting wild boar, and his spilled blood turned the river named for him red. Each year the Goddess mourned the loss of her beloved and than rejoiced when he was restored to her.

In all myths Aphrodite is the force of attraction and connection of passion and the juiciest form of love. Aphrodite doesn't care about the consequences as long as there is passion.

Symbols of Aphrodite

Flowers are sacred to the Goddess of love. Flowers are the sexual organs of plants. She is often shown in art holding, wearing or surrounded by flowers. The most consistently associated with her is the Rose. The rose, fragrant beautiful and is a symbol of passionate love. The red rose especially signifies Aphrodite, being the color of the hearts blood.

Trees that are very fragrant like myrrh and cinnamon are also sacred to her. Fruit is a symbol of her power. The pomegranate and apple are her favorites. As she is sea born, water is a natural symbol, especially salt water. Pearls because they too are born in water. As well as water birds, geese, ducks and swans. Of all symbols-Gold, not just metal but goldness as light. She is often called "The golden One". In very ancient times, Aphrodite was connected with the sun and dawn. She is often shown wearing golden jewelry, Aphrodite's real gold is fond in the graceful movement of lovers toward each other. the goddess remind us that we are drawn to each other in Aphroditian sunlight. And when ever we are filled with desire our beloved seems glittering, radiant and all aglow.

Invoking Aphrodite

Before invoking Aphrodite spend sometime clarifying your goals and desires. She is not a goddess to take lightly. Just be prepared to deal with the rush of feelings and desires she provokes. She will offer you the juiciest form of love. As a goddess of senses, Aphrodite is honored whenever you are open to the beauties around you. So the next time you are filled with a golden desire of passion, give a little thank you to Aphrodite!

To honor and Invoke Aphrodite

I created an altar decorated with gold silken cloth. I used my clay goddess and draped her with pearls. On the altar I used an apple sea salt, gold jewelry, roses and seashells. I will invoke her for a night of fiery passion with my husband (you must be clear on who you wish)

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